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New Intro Video for Ask Nate Rio (coming soon!)

Get Your Marketing Questions Answered at Ask Nate Rio! I’m about to launch a new interactive site, that will allow you to get your questions answered on affiliate and high ticket affiliate marketing! The site will be AskNateRio.com and will feature questions from YOU! Here is a recent bumper intro video I had created that …Read more »

How to get Cheap Solo Ad Traffic by Negotiating with Vendors

This past week I was looking to get some cheap solo ad traffic, and I was starting to test some new video sales letters and funnels for an offer I am promoting, and I wanted to get some traffic up and running rather quickly. Since I routinely use a particular vendor at Udimi, I¬†knew I …Read more »

How to Make 3D Book Covers (and Other Product Images in 3D)

Did you ever wonder how marketers make 3D book covers, computer images, CD cases, DVD and Software Boxes? Sure, many times they are created by expert designers. When I worked behind the scenes at a high ticket affiliate marketing company, we had an amazing designer who did all this stuff, and he was definitely pretty …Read more »

How to Set Up Domain Forwarding (and do you need it?) [Tutorial]

Domain Forwarding Defined Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this tutorial on domain forwarding, let’s first establish what it is. Domain forwarding, as defined by GoDaddy is… “Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website. Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by …Read more »

How to Upload a PDF file to a Website and Get a URL For it [Tutorial]

If you are creating a downloadable Ebook file that you want to distribute to people online, you will need to know how to upload a pdf file to a website. In this tutorial, I explain how to do this in 2 methods: Uploading a PDF file to WordPress on your own domain and Uploading your …Read more »