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Paid Traffic Metrics for Top Tier Affiliate Marketing

Are you spending enough money consistently in your business? After working with hundreds of students in private coaching sessions the past year, I’ve realized that most people still are not understanding the business metrics of running a profitable online business. Where Most Beginner Online Business Owners are Failing Here are the biggest mistakes I see …Read more »

3,000+ Retail Stores Shutting Down = 300,000 Jobs to be Cut!

Just last week, Business Insider reported that an estimated 3000+ retail stores will be shut down. Some of the stores that will be cutting jobs in 2017 include big box stores such as: JC Penney Sears Macy K-Mart And in addition to this, some other well-know retail brands including: Radio Shack American Apparel The Limited …Read more »

How to get Cheap Solo Ad Traffic by Negotiating with Vendors

This past week I was looking to get some cheap solo ad traffic, and I was starting to test some new video sales letters and funnels for an offer I am promoting, and I wanted to get some traffic up and running rather quickly. Since I routinely use a particular vendor at Udimi, I¬†knew I …Read more »

Before You Send Traffic to Your Offer, Do This First!

Do Not Start Promoting Your Business Until You Have This Figured Out Before you ever spend 1 cent on your traffic when promoting an online business, you should highly consider getting your business set up for profits. I see this mistake made by rookies all the time. About 3 months ago, I started coaching a …Read more »

How to Set Up Domain Forwarding (and do you need it?) [Tutorial]

Domain Forwarding Defined Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this tutorial on domain forwarding, let’s first establish what it is. Domain forwarding, as defined by GoDaddy is… “Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website. Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by …Read more »