Can You Walk Across Male Maldives? Walking the Island in 30 Minutes!

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How Big is Male, Maldives?

Male (sometimes written Malé) is the capital city of the Republic of Maldives. The island is very small, yet highly populated.

It has about 130,000 people that inhabit the 2.2 square mile island. This is why the locals call it the “concrete jungle!”

Can you Walk Across Male Maldives?

I was able to walk across the entire island in about 30 minutes, and that was because I went the wrong way originally.

Here was my journey…

You can see that there was certainly a quicker route for me to take!

I originally had planned on taking a taxi from the airport ferry stop to the Beehive Hotel, however once I started walking I realized I could make it in about 20-30 minutes.

Most tourists that travel to Maldives don’t ever get a chance to stop in the city, as they typically jump directly on a boat or plane and head to their resort or island.

Since there are over 1200 islands that make up the Maldives, many people just arrive at the airport, then head to the island on which they’re staying.

However, I had a day to kill since I overestimated my flight time and had pre-booked my speed boat out to Rasdhoo for the following day.

So I decided to see how long it takes to walk across Male and then arrived to a fancy greeting at the Beehive Hotel!

So Can you Walk Across Male Maldives? Yes, of course! This small island is great to see. So if you head over to Maldives and have a day to kill, spend an hour or 2 and walk across Male!

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