Vong Chan Nguyen Earns $1,250 by Giving Away a Free Book

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vong chan nguyen makes money giving away free booksVong Chan Nguyen will definitely agree that making money using the internet has come a long way.

Nowadays, people are using many different strategies to make an income, and it’s becoming a lot easier thanks to the offline methods that are available.

In this quick interview, I phone Vong Chang Nguyen and we chat about how he made easy affiliate commissions by giving away free copies of the book Limitless.

How Can You Make Money Giving Away a Free Book?

Here is how the process works:

  1. You drive traffic to a page where you can get a free book – the visitor just pays shipping to handle the freight charges (as this is a real, softcover book that gets delivered to the home)
  2. When the person reads the book and learns all about the business of making money online, they can sign up for the high ticket affiliate marketing program.
  3. The person then gets a business coach, and when more training is purchased, the affiliate partner gets paid.

So in the case with Vong Chan Nguyen, all he did was to send a few emails to his list and tell them to order a copy of the book.

When they did that, and the clients started working with a business coach, Vong’s job was done. He did not need to sell anything to anyone, or try to recruit his friends or family.

He used online marketing methods, that he used by watching this video, to start an online business where he can leverage the internet to get leads, clients, and create income.

What if someone wanted to learn how to do this?

Just like Vong Chang Nguyen did, the process starts by reading the Limitless book. And if you order it with this link, I will also throw in $97 worth of Free marketing bonuses. (simply email me at naterio1109@gmail.com with your receipt).


Sharing this is awesome!

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