Beautiful Trip and Amazing Water on Tien Beach Thailand

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Tien Beach Thailand – Koh Larn’s Jewel!

If you spend any time at all in Pattaya, Thailand, make sure you trek out to Koh Larn, the small island just west of Pattaya City.

This little island is a little slice of heaven and only 45 minutes by ferry from the mainland. Getting to Koh Larn is easy too!

You can get a quick trip out there by showing up a the Bali Hai pier in Pattaya and it only costs 30 That Bhat to get there.

The Beaches of Koh Larn

There are 4 big beaches on Koh Larn that you want to check out:

  1. Tawaen Beach – this is filled with tourists, boats, and a busy boardwalk. The water is gorgeous and the waves are fun for tubing!  (ask for “Lan” if you need to rent a motorbike!)
  2. Samae Beach – This is the beach on the Western coast of Koh Larn – and it is recognizable by the big building with the solar panels on top on the northern point. This beach is great to check out sunsets!
  3. Nual Beach – This beach is quiet, and water is absolutely peaceful, as it sits on the leeward side (south side) of Koh Larn. Great views of rock formations looking to the East (towards Pattaya)
  4. Tien Beach – Definitely my favorite! Best of all worlds: Not to crowded, insanely blue water, jet ski rentals, and great staff.

Things to do at Tien Beach

Tien Beach is pretty amazing!

First of all, make sure you get the beach chairs that protect you from the sun. Great place to grab your lunch and take a siesta!

The chair rentals cost 100 THB for the entire day (or about $3.00 USD).

Second, rent a jet ski. I do this pretty much everyday I go to the beach. For about 800 to 1000 Bhat you should can ride a jet ski for 30 minutes. Even if you’ve used one in other parts of the world, it’s epic riding a jetski on the blue water. Plus the water is warm!

Make sure you also grab a good Thai lunch and a Chang beer! They have an extensive menu with fresh seafood and a fully stocked bar.

Getting to Tien Beach

From Pattaya, get aboard the ferry at Bali Hai pier. Upon arriving at Koh Larn, just rent a motorbike (300 Bhat for the day) OR you can jump on one of the bus trucks (for about $2 USD).

The water on Tien Beach Thailand is BLUE!!

You can also have one of the motorbike taxi drivers bring you over to the beach. You’ll need 1 taxi per person and will cost you about 100 Bhat.

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