Get Off the Sidelines and Take Action to Get Results in Business

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off sidelines actionThis video was one of the many lessons I learned while working in the corporate offices of My Own Business Education and working under the direction of $120 Online earner Matt Lloyd.

In this video, I explain what you need to do when it comes to taking action.

Most people are held back in life and their businesses because of:

  1. Being Comfortable (and the lack of success thrives on this) OR
  2. FEAR

How often have you heard people say, “I would do this ______, but what would happen if I lost _______?”

Usually the fear is from the lack of knowing the outcome. So instead of focusing on the unknown, you should choose to focus on what you can control (i.e. your thoughts and actions) and get to the place you want to truly be in.

Also, with regards to taking action in business, you must get comfortable “being uncomfortable.” One of the things I learned this last year, is that when the going gets tough and the sh*t is about to hit the fan, you’re getting really close to making some good money.

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Sharing this is awesome!

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