Shaqir Hussyin earns $18,800 overnight? Nate Rio gets the scoop!

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Nate Rio and Shaqir HussyinShaqir Hussyin has made a lot of money online.

And in this 3 minute phone call we had, he explains what new online business owners online should be focusing on when getting their businesses off the ground.

Over the past few years, Shaqir and I have done a few webinars together, and he really knows how to create an income from working at home. He started with nothing, and to-date he’s generated over $10 million in about 3 different businesses.

Not to bad!

Listen to what Shaqir had to say about focus and “newbie friendly tips!”

How did Shaqir make this much money without selling? Watch this 3 minute video here.


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Sharing this is awesome!

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