Scuba Diving in the Maldives at Rasdhoo Scuba

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What is like Scuba Diving in the Maldives at Rasdhoo Scuba?

If you want to go Scuba diving in the Maldives, you need to check out Rasdhoo Scuba!

This past week I was able to take a quick vacation down to the Maldives from my current residence in Thailand, where I’m enjoying winters away from the frigid landscapes of Wisconsin.

I had a few friends and fellow bloggers, Sarah Gallo (The Five Foot Traveler) and Andrew & Megan (Indefinite Travel) who were down getting their PADI SCUBA certification, so having the flexibility to work from anywhere, I decided to get a last-minute flight down for the week!

Where is Rasdhoo Island?

Rasdhoo Island is one of the atolls in the collection of the Maldives. Rasdhoo, as shown below bottom center, is about 35 miles west northwest of Malé, the capitol city of Maldives.

The island of Rasdhoo sits at the southern point of the atoll (the circular island formation shown in light blue) and is a great spot to rendezvous if you want to do some epic Scuba dives!

Rasdhoo Atoll

Needless to say – the water is absolutely breathtaking!

Scuba Diving in the Maldives

Here’s my experience with the wonderful team at Rasdhoo Scuba.

I didn’t know if was going to be able to learn to dive or not, because my stay was only about 5 days. Sarah and Andrew had to be there a complete week to learn everything from start to finish at a consistent pace.

However, since I only had a couple days to actually get the chance to learn on the “house reef” with the instructors, I got my chance to get in the water!

Though I’m normally brave, I was a little freaked out inside. But I’m always up for new things. So I got my gear on, hopped in, and voila!

Me with Simon of Rasdhoo Scuba

My Basic Scuba Lesson in Maldives

Robbie, my instructor, took great care of me.

Though I was unable to get certified, per lack of time and last minute planning, Rasdhoo Scuba had a quick program where they’d teach me the basics and a chance to get underwater and learn about how the gear works, as well as the basic safety instructions.

I learned how to clear the mask, retrieve the mouthpiece, and basically how to adapt to life underwater.

I was down for about 30-40 minutes on my very first dive, and had Robbie and the other instructors right by my side the entire time.

Since I wasn’t doing anything too difficult, I was even able to get a few shots with my Go Pro Hero 5. You can see those in the video above.

Why I Loved Rasdhoo Scuba

First of all, as soon as I got there, one of the instructors was making some coffee on a pour over. I knew this place was legit! 🙂

Secondly, they had a few guitars sitting around so I made sure I picked out a few songs while I was waiting on Sarah and Andrew to finish their daily lesson in Scuba theory.

In fact, I loved Rasdhoo Scuba in Maldives so much that I’m definitely heading back in the near future! I will be heading back this winter to get my full PADI open water certification. That way, regardless of where I travel to, I’ll be able to Scuba dive almost anywhere.

The locals showed me how to catch a squid!

Rasdhoo Scuba recommends at least 4 days and even longer to finish the certification. This allows for weather and currents adjustment as well as being able to rest after diving repetitively.

The great part of being so close to Maldives here in Thailand is that I can make a weeklong trip with flight and accommodations for under $800. How’s that for value!

And if the Scuba diving isn’t enough, at least I can look forward to hanging out with the local kids and doing some epic backflips off the harbor pier into that BLUE WATER!

Oh, and how about “that water tho!?” 😉

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