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I hear all the time from new online marketers that…

“I do not have anything to talk or blog about.”

And I’m here to tell you that it’s all in your mindset. Blogs can and should be about you, your life, and anything else that you want to talk about.

What is a Blog anyway?

For those of you who didn’t know, the term “blog” comes from the shorthand version of “weblog,” just shortened later to blog.

“I should turn all my Captain’s Logs into Web Logs…”

Remember on Star Trek, where Captain Kirk always did his “Captain’s Log?” Think if blogging the same way. When you understand this, you can have an infinite amount of content… forever.

So here’s 2 easy methods to create content:

  1. In the above example, my friend and expert blogger John Chow just talks about something that he was wondering in the new Wonder Woman movie. Boom. Instant video blog post.
  2. Like I’m doing here, you can then do a blog post about another blog post! This is called Content Curation.

Sites like Buzzfeed, Huffington post, and even sports and viral news networks all basically take other people’s videos and content and blog about it, then spread the news.

It’s really that easy.

So no longer can you say, “I don’t have anything to blog about.”

Just do it. Start blogging. You have plenty to blog about. Talk about your life, your passions, or anything else.

If you need help setting up a blog, go here and set an appointment with me to see if we can get your blog started.

Comment below – and share the love! This easy hack will help someone you know.

Sharing this is awesome!

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