History of Commerce: Why People are Skeptical to Buy Stuff Online

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Did you ever wonder why so many people are skeptical to buy stuff on the internet?

This is realized for many people once they become the marketer, as opposed to the consumer.

When people buy stuff online

When you’re a consumer, you see literally thousands of ads per hour on the internet. And most probably never think much about that.

But when you’re the marketer – we often think, “Why don’t people ever buy anything from me?”

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Selling your own Digital Business Products

Selling tangible goods is one thing (called E-commerce) and most people understand that when they buy something, they’re getting a tangible “good.”

But when you’re selling digital products, many people are going to think that the programs are “scams.”

This is because they’re not getting a tangible item, but rather education, so if they don’t actually “use the product” and implement it, they will often leave feeling duped or scammed.

However, people have been buying education and information for eons. Think of the corporate world; professionals spend billions per year learning, going to events, paying for consultants, and other education based content.

The video above talks about the approximate timeline and infancy of internet business and where the skepticism comes from, based on the history of human beings buying things from each other.

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  1. <path_to_url> Nate

    Also – this is why the younger generations – Generations X and Y and Millenials are more apt to start an online business. The older generations are still skeptical to buy stuff online which means they always feel like they’re “unsure” or “scammed” when they sign up for something.

    This is also why so many people are doing so well with traffic from Instagram and YouTUBE (the younger generations are spending more time on these sites) so they are more likely to buy something that an online entrepreneur is selling!


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