P.V.L. and Free Ways to Make Money Online

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pvl and free ways to make money onlineMany people are looking for free ways to make money online, and I discuss this “contradiction” in this video.

This video was filmed on my back deck in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

What is PVL?

PVL stands for Personal Value Level, a term learned from the brilliant marketer Mike Dillard. Those who make the most money with their personal business and even those in corporate jobs, have established a very high PVL.

Take a CEO for instance. The pay rate and ability for that person to be brought on by a company has to do with the value level that the company believes the CEO is worth, based on results and experience.

Or a doctor, who has to spend money on their education to make their PVL level increase, which then commands them to make more money.

The “Free Ways to Make Money Online” Myth

Here is the huge contradiction: Let’s say you are looking for free ways to make money online. The fact that you are “looking” means that you probably do not know how to actually do it. Otherwise, you would start doing it (which means making money).

But your PVL is low, otherwise you could start phoning people or promoting your services onlineĀ and people would pay you highly for your those products or services.

In order to actually “learn” something, you have to invest in your education, self-growth, and actually learn the skills necessary to do so.

Now on the contradictory, there are plenty of free resources available online, but most are “teasers” that give you some upfront information, but are not a complete system that you can plug into.

Mentors and Coaches

One of the struggles most beginner work from home business opportunity seekers have is that they do not have guidance, or a mentor to correct their mistakes. Simply having a business coach who has earned an income online can show you the right vs. wrong on how to earn an income online.

The fastest way to increase your revenues in business is to get guidance. Start with this program for $1.00 and receive a “coaching bundle kit” valued at over $1,245, and also get step-by-step help from a mentor.

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Sharing this is awesome!

2 Responses to “P.V.L. and Free Ways to Make Money Online”

  1. <path_to_url> Afaizee

    As a private educator teaching English to foreigners, my P.V.L is constantly on the climb so as to remain ‘relevant’.
    The same concept is required for your online business…good one Nate!

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      Thanks Afaizee.

      You would not believe the number of Facebook chats I get each week asking for “FREE” help. People think that I just learned all my knowledge miraculously one day. It took many years and thousands of dollars. If you want to increase your game, you have to treat your online business like a “business”. And business start-ups are estimated to be financed by 96% of the business owners… which means most do not fund their businesses themselves – they seek financing options.

      So it blows my mind when people think online businesses are “FREE” or they think they can “win the lottery” by signing up to a program for $1 and don’t get rich.


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