How NOT to Grow Your Online Marketing Business

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If you want to grow your online marketing business or MLM business, do NOT do this.

There are all sorts of recruiting strategies, and I highly recommend to not use this method.

How This All Started

Remember, in most MLM business compensation plans, you’re paid to recruit. Since most people hate or cannot recruit, due to lack of skills, they end up looking for other options.

Many even turn to the internet.

To be quite honest, most people never make a dime in direct sales businesses because they do not know how to market or they don’t know how to sell.

Enter the Internet

So, using this same model, since people do not know how to recruit people in person, they turned to the internet. However, instead of using proven marketing strategies, and how to target potential prospects and customers, they just use social media to recruit without the fear of personal rejection.

So they start spamming people’s instant messenger (like Facebook in this example).

Spam, Spam, and more Spam!

Just like I get 100s of unwanted emails to my inbox, this too is a form of spam!

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Sharing this is awesome!

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