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Nick Pratt Interview Episode 5Nick Pratt has been steadily increasing his reputation as a top income earner in the affiliate marketing industry.

Just this past 6 months, his earnings have doubled, from $100,000 in earnings to just shy of $200,000 in commissions. What Nick shows us is that with “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” you can quickly scale up your business.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Where as affiliate marketing is sending traffic or website visitors to an offer and receiving a commission, “high ticket affiliate marketing” refers to selling higher priced offers.

Nick and I are affiliates for this high ticket program, where you earn commissions of up to $13,500 and up (with the help of a phone sales team closing sales for you).

People of all ages and backgrounds are earning money using these methods. You can also learn more by watching some of these testimonial videos where I have surprise phone calls with clients making their first sales.

Nick Pratt and his SEO Success

Nick started out with his online businesses as a consultant, teaching other business owners the importance of getting found online. However he learned that if he wanted to scale his business, and stop trading his time for dollars, he would have to change his business model to leverage the scalability of an online business.

“I was trading my time for money as an SEO consultant.” ~Nick Pratt

Nowadays, Nick has taken what he has learned from being an SEO consultant, to strategizing how to capture web traffic and convert that traffic to paying customers.

He also has a major part in the follow up process with his leads. Though many of his marketing tasks are outsourced, he actively participates in the sales cycle and shows that by being diligent in his follow up he is able to convert more leads.

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You can learn more about Nick at his 2 blogs: NickPratt.tv and WebTrafficLounge.com.


Sharing this is awesome!

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