Cruising Around on Motorbike Taxis in Bangkok

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Getting Around On Motorbike Taxis in Bangkok

If you need to get around the city in a hurry, and you’re okay splitting up with those in your party – the motorbike taxis in Bangkok are the quickest way to get through town.

I had my first experience on these motorbike taxis while down here in my winter home in Pattaya.

I knew of the other transportation methods, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention when I researched the various transportation services in Thailand.

Ways to Get Around in Bangkok

There are a few ways to get around Bangkok. First, there is an incredible boat shuttle and ferry system. Since there is a major metropolitan area that has a winding river through it, you’d expect they’re using the waterway to move people around.

And they do.

The boats and ferries are incredible. Fast, efficient, and you should see the captains parallel park these beasts!

Thailand Tuk Tuks!

There are also the various other taxis. And what would a trip to SE Asia be without Tuk Tuks! The Tuk Tuk is the 3 wheeled vehicle. These are great to move 2-3 people around, if you’re not digging the traditional cab.

Plus, you get the full Thailand experience!

Last, and my favorite, is the motorbike taxis in Bangkok. These are the guys adorning the orange vests. They’ll bring you pretty much anywhere within a 20 min ride.

If you’re going on an expressway, obviously these aren’t an option – so consider the other transport methods.

Only for the Brave

Note however, that while riding on a motorbike taxi, you should be prepared to be doing this “outside” the normal traffic laws.

Sidewalks, alleys, wrong-way-down a 1-way street are all expected on these bikes. But hey, if you want to get somewhere fast you’re going to have to find creative ways to get around all the traffic!

They all do carry helmets for the passenger, so if you’re not comfortable riding without one, make sure to wear your lid.

Nonetheless, make sure you at least “try” the motorbike taxis while in Bangkok. The drivers are great, and the rates are great too! I typically only have spent 100 – 150 THB at the most!

Featured Music in the Video

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Video shot on GoPro Hero 5, Edited in Camtasia Studio.

Special Thanks to The Five Foot Traveler, Sarah Gallo for being a trooper and riding solo with a complete stranger on a motorbike! 🙂

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