Paid Traffic Metrics for Top Tier Affiliate Marketing

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Are you spending enough money consistently in your business?

After working with hundreds of students in private coaching sessions the past year, I’ve realized that most people still are not understanding the business metrics of running a profitable online business.

Where Most Beginner Online Business Owners are Failing

Here are the biggest mistakes I see brand new online marketers making (and this includes most of the affiliates at Digital Altitude and MOBE alike)

  1. Not taking massive, daily action
  2. Not investing in traffic
  3. Getting stuck on the “techie” stuff, which then leads to 1 & 2

I just had a conversation with a top earner at one of the top tier online marketing businesses, and asked him, “How much are you spending each month on Facebook paid traffic?”

“About $40-50k.”

Now, understandably, most of you cannot spend that much right now. But to put this into perspective, he made over $102,000 in commissions last month.

So the old question is, “If  I wrote you a check for $102,000 right now, would you write one to me for $40,000?

Of course you would.

How to scale up in your Top Tier Affiliate Marketing Business

When starting out, just pick a traffic source you like. If you are not savvy with Facebook paid traffic, maybe start with Solo Ads. This solo ad vendor will give you $5.00 in free clicks (about 10 clicks) when you sign up for free.

Then, follow these steps:

  • Figure out what you can realistically spend each week on traffic
  • Consistently buy clicks each week and promote an offer
  • Adjust your landing/opt-in page and try different vendors until you optimize your conversions
  • Keep track of your clicks in your GoAweber or autoresponder account to make sure and check what emails are being opened
  • Rinse, Repeat until you get results.

It’s really that basic. If you’re NOT doing this, I need to ask – What exactly are you doing for your business each week?

Hope this helps!

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Sharing this is awesome!

2 Responses to “Paid Traffic Metrics for Top Tier Affiliate Marketing”

  1. <path_to_url> Tony d.

    Great info Nate.

    In your experience are all clicks created equally.

    We Sell Clicks, Igors Solo Ads, Udimi, for examples?

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      No. They’re not all created equally. I’m getting 90% Tier -1 traffic (English speaking countries).

      The key though is consistency – just had 2 sales come in within 4 minutes (see my Facebook posts in the Mastermind group for example)


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