Jet Ski in Pattaya Thailand

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This past weekend we got to jet ski in Pattaya Thailand! There is nothing like spending a random afternoon and doing activities here on the beach with other digital nomads!

Things to do on Pattaya Beach

Sure… I know what you heard about Pattaya. The parties, the women… the Go-Go clubs…

But there are lots of fun things to do here being so close to the water!

From my condo, we walked about 20o meters down to the beach front.

There we grabbed some street food (some chicken skewers) and had to make a quick pitstop at some local vendors to get a couple beach towels. I think I paid about 200 THB (or about $6 USD) for an awesome Thailand map beach towel.

From there, we went down and threw down the mat and figured out what we wanted to do.

I knew I had wanted to jet ski in Pattaya as soon as I saw all the boats and recreational things going on in the gulf, but didn’t know if Andrew & Megan were down.

Things To Do on the Water in Pattaya

Besides being able to rent a jet ski in Pattaya Thailand, there are a number of other activities you can take advantage of.

  • Parasailing – about 800 THB or $24 USD
  • Round trip speed boat to Koh Larn – 1500-3500 THB ($45-$90 USD) for the boat – up to 8 people
  • Boat cruise around the Pattaya area – 3500 THB ($100 USD) for the boat
  • Swim on the beach – FREE!
  • Banana Boat Tube – 1500 THB ($45 USD) for 30 minutes – up to 5 people

These activities all get cheaper the more people you have. The rates are pretty flat, and yes, the vendors “may” negotiate with you, but remember they’re paying hard costs for fuel.

So that is the reason they’re staunch on their prices. So if you have more people in the boat it just gets cheaper per person.

The only thing I wish was that while on the jet ski, I had brought my Go Pro harness. Much of the footage hit the edit room floor as it was way to shaky to do anything with.

But, alas… I live a block from the water so I’ll probably go get some footage another day.

After all, the vendor gave us a deal ONLY because I said I lived nearby and I’ll use him next time.

(We paid 1800 THB for 2 jet skis for 30 minutes – or about $25/machine for 30 min)

Stay tuned – there’s bound to be more crazy adventures from my time here in Pattaya and the rest of Thailand!

Special thanks to Andrew & Megan of Indefinite Travel for spending the day with me!

Enjoy my video edit of the jet ski in Pattaya Thailand!

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Sharing this is awesome!

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