Interview with Nancy Showalter: Affiliate Marketer and Life Coach

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Nancy ShowalterInterview with Nancy Showalter

This interview with Nancy was recorded a few months back, but it has a lot of good points that she has made on finances, spirituality, goal setting, and the importance of networking with the right people.

Nancy is both an affiliate marketer as well as a spiritual, law of attraction coach, and life coach. She helps people earn extra income in retirement and to supplement income in their existing business.

Since the interview, Nancy is also the new author of the top selling book, “It’s OK to be Rich,” her story explaining how to live a fulfilling, enriched life.

Highlights in the Interview

10:45 Mindshift and importance of shifting from an employee to a “business owner” mindset

14:38 Business Leverage and getting help for your business, outsourcing and finding employees through 3rd party companies.

16:01 Hiring employees to do tech things that you do not know how to do using sites such as, oDesk, recruitment sites

20:39 Importance of going to live events as an entrepreneur. You get to meet the leaders in the industry, share success stories and ideas.

30:20 Why it is important to invest in professional business coaching to increase your knowledge, therefore increasing your financial income abilities.

31:48 Focus on 1 traffic strategy and then master it.

37:16 The importance of building a client list, and marketing to your list with products like Aweber

38:11 Questions with Nancy Showalter

Resources mentioned in the interview with Nancy Showalter:

Nancy Showalter BookNancy Showalter is a life coach and spiritual leader in the entrepreneurial community. She earns a passive income using the My Own Business Education Consultant program.

Get a copy of Nancy Showalter’s new Book “It’s OK to be Rich.” You can download for Kindle or get a hardcopy mailed to your home.

Sharing this is awesome!

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  1. <path_to_url> Nancy Showalter

    Thanks, Nate. I really enjoyed doing this interview.

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      yes! Thank you Nancy! I look forward to getting a copy of your book. I’ll send you my info by email so I can get a signed copy of your new book! Thank you again!


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