Interview: Dale Bundy, 78 yrs young, Earns $12,500 in 1 Day from Affiliate Marketing

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Dale Bundy earns $12,500Dale Bundy just keeps making this affiliate marketing business seem easy.

He’s 78 years “young” as he likes to say, and that is not stopping him from taking action and making a significant income from his work from home business.

Dale is an online marketer, who leverages his skills that he learns from attending online marketing courses, masterclasses, and live mastermind events. He recently had an $18,000 day with his online business, and he now had another $12,500 day.

So in the matter of 2 days, he has earned more than the national average for college graduates earnings in their first full year!

How did Dale Bundy earn this much money overnight?

What many entrepreneurs learn about as they grow their businesses, is that you need to learn how to leverage the skill sets of other people. Dale did nothing really to earn this sale, and here’s how…

  1. Dale purchased traffic and sent them to this webpage (this page was designed by my teamĀ – you can contact me to get one made like this).
  2. He then emailed the list during the follow ups we wrote for him
  3. When his client bought a front end product for $49, Dale’s work was done.
  4. Dale’s client attended a live mastermind event, where she decided to purchase more business training and mentorship help, and Dale earned a commission of $12,500.

That’s it. Dale spent maybe about $25 to acquire the lead, then the lead was in the funnel, and Dale did nothing else but sit back. Then he got a call directly from the My Own Business Education CEO for his earned commission.

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Nate Rio is looking for 5 students who want to make their first $1,000 online. What is the qualifications to be selected?

  1. You must want to work for yourself, and understand that running a business takes dedication and hard work
  2. You must be coachable/teachable
  3. You either want to continue to earn well into your retirement, or if you are younger, you want to get out of your job ASAP.

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Sharing this is awesome!

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