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You’re Building a List, Now what?

This is a major problem for many newbie online business owners who are trying to increase their conversions from their email list.

This maybe you…

  1. You sign up for a business opportunity
  2. You learn some strategies on how to scale your business by using paid traffic, and build your email list
  3. You sit and wait and wonder “When the heck are people going to buy?”

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. You have to realize that marketing is a failure business. And this can best be explained with this common cliche:

“In baseball, you make it to the hall of fame by failing 67% of the time.” (because that means you’re batting .333)

In marketing, you can fail 97% of the time and make a ton of money! So with 3% conversions in a profitable business model that actually makes you real sums of money, you have to play the numbers!

This calculator is a good example of what to look for and what to expect in your online marketing efforts.

To learn more on how to increase conversions in your email list, watch the video above.

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Sharing this is awesome!

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