Glenda Irby Earns First Easy Affiliate Marketing Sale!

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Glenda Irby was excited to hear from Nate Rio“Is there an easy affiliate marketing sales program out there?” Well, this past week, Glenda Irby finally found that out.

Glenda had seen the ads online… we all have. About how “easy it is to earn money online.” Every one is doing it. Only it wasn’t working out as planned.

Then she started her business education training with My Own Business Education, where she just recently attended a Mastermind in Jamaica with about 75 other digital entrepreneurs, all looking at ways to grow their online businesses.

Once we got through the small talk and she finally figured out my name, Glenda was pretty stoked to hear she earned $1,250 overnight (without having to sell anything to anyone).

How did Glenda Earn the Easy Affiliate Marketing Sale?

Since Glenda is just getting started with her business, she is still learning all of the skills it takes to set up her business. Things like landing pages, opt-in pages, funnels, and basic online traffic strategies.

However, that doesn’t mean she cannot “earn while she learns.”

Glenda was able to purchase a list of “buyers,” which means that while she learns more about driving traffic to her website, setting up a landing page, and all the technical aspects of her business, she still can make sales.

Nate Rio interviews Glenda IrbyAnd she doesn’t have to do any selling. She literally buys leads, they then start to work with a business coach (that she does not pay extra for), and when her clients purchase additional training, Glenda receives a commission.

“Come on! It’s Sunday, Don’t be playing games! That’s Awesome. Awesome.” ~Glenda Irby

Glenda was pretty happy to hear from me. Up until this point when I told her that she made her first online marketing sale, she had been a skeptic. But I have a feeling that she now knows the potential.

Glenda has finally found out the easy way to make money on the internet. And I look forward to her having many more good “Sundays.”

And the Affiliate Manager doesn’t play…  :mrgreen:

Questions? Comment below, I usually reply within a day or 2.

Or if you want to work with someone who worked “within the walls” at an online marketing company, alongside the CEO, you can contact me here.

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Sharing this is awesome!

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  1. <path_to_url> Max

    I see you don’t monetize your website, i’v got
    idea how to earn some extra cash using one simple method,
    just search in google for; money making ideas by Loocijano

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      Hey Max, my blog actually is monetized. I do very well and earn a five figure monthly income from the stuff on this website. But thanks for visiting!


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