3 Tools to Get More Online Sales Conversions

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Use These 3 Tools to Get More Online Sales Conversions.

If you’ve started an internet business or work from home business you’re undoubtedly probably having trouble learning how to get more online sales conversions.

Or maybe, you’re having issues and want to get higher quality traffic. Use these 3 tools to give yourself a boost on getting more online conversions.

(*Note: you need to be driving consistent traffic to your offer for this to work. If you haven’t done that, get a consistent monthly clicks package here)

Get more online conversions with Proof


It works by integrating with your opt-in page by placing a piece of code on your page, then it shows the people that have either opted in to your page, or you can set it to capture information when a sale is made.

The first tool that I use and highly recommend is Proof. This is a little widget that pops up on all the pages in your funnel that gives social proof that other people are taking action.

Learn more at http://TryProof.net

WuFoo Forms

The second tool that I recommend using is the WuFoo forms creator.

As opposed to using generic name and email opt-in forms from your Autoresponder (like AWeber or GetResponse) you can use a form that requires more filtering.

I use this form to get higher quality leads from click traffic.

People that fill out the form naturally are coming into the funnel and pre-qualifying themselves and positioning themselves to be a better fit for your program.

I regularly send traffic to both standard name & email lead capture pages as well as a page with this form on it, and the opt-in rates are not that different.

So, if you’re wanting to get higher quality leads and your end result is to get more online sales conversions in your funnels. This is also a great tweak you can use to your sales process.

Learn more at http://wufoo.com

Facebook Social Plugin (for ClickFunnels or Optimize Press)

Steps to use this method:

  1. You need to have your funnels on either Clickfunnels or Optimize Press. Clickfunnels is great, but there is a monthly fee. If you already have a WordPress blog, just purchase OptimizePress for $97 and you shouldn’t have any recurring monthly fees.
  2. Install the OptimizePress Plug-in (don’t use the entire theme or else it will interfere with your existing WordPress blog theme)
  3. When creating lead-capture pages, add the “Facebook Comments” widget, then “Enable Comments” and you can start the chat feed by placing a comment there yourself. Over time, more people will comment and the social proof will pick up momentum and the thread will grow!

Use Facebook social proof to get people to take action on your webpages.

Also, be sure to comment back to the people leaving the posts to show that you’re actively involved in the process.

You can even ask the to connect with you personally on your business or personal Facebook page.

If you need help setting this up, check out this training.

Final Thoughts on Conversions

Remember, with all of these strategies, you need to get traffic to your sites. I see many people failing to do this.

So in order to increase conversions from 25% to 40% with your opt-ins, that’s and additional 15 leads per 100 that see the initial page.

So, regardless of your traffic strategy, be sure to stay consistent!

Sharing this is awesome!

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