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How do you get MLM Leads?

You get signed up to your network marketing business, you’re excited to start promoting and recruiting, and then you’re asked to do this as a “strategy” to get leads for your MLM business:

“Write a list down of everyone you know, including your friends, family, or anyone who would like to start a business.”

And then you get that weird feeling in your stomach.

Has that ever happened to you? Is this how you’re taught to get MLM leads? Yikes…

Here are some common network marketing or MLM companies that many people are trying to generate business for:

  • Avon or Arbonne
  • Vemma
  • 5Linx
  • Team National
  • AdvoCare
  • Agel Enterprises
  • Ambit Energy
  • Amsoil
  • Amway
  • HerbaLife

So what’s the biggest challenge preventing people from having success in these companies? RECRUITING. How to get MLM leads for their businesses.

The Direct Sales Business Model Explained

When you get started in many of these types of businesses, you generally earn income in 2 ways: 1) direct sales of the products that the company promotes and 2) Recruiting other members and business partners to create additional, scalable income.

The Big Problem for Most Entrepreneurs

When most people get started in network marketing business models, they get stuck on a few issues that never allow them to grow their business. The first is they have a lack of sales skills, thus preventing them from selling the products that people may want to consume.

The second issue most have is the ability to find targeted clients who would like to explore the entrepreneurial aspect of the business. Or rather they have problems learning how to generate MLM leads to grow their business.

With any business that has a product in demand there is definitely a market of people looking for the solution provided by the MLM company. Which is why most network marketing models focus on either:

  1. Healthcare or
  2. Make Money/Start a business

as their 2 niches.

But how do you find qualified people to join your business, or find people to buy and consume your product? Or both?

The secret that Online Marketing Experts Know (that you might not)

There’s actually an easier way of getting leads for networking marketing businesses, and it does NOT include recruiting your friends and family. One of the goals that I had when I started my online business, was to quietly make my legacy in my business, without letting my friends and family know anything that I was doing.

The last thing I wanted to do was to say, “Hey, check me out and this awesome business that I’m doing.” Because let’s face it, most people don’t get it. Still to this day, most of my friends and family do not know how I make money online.

So, it’s best that I just continue using the internet to build and scale my business. Sure, they see the success I’m having, but it comes without having to recruit anyone and get that uneasy feeling of dialing a friend that I haven’t spoken to in years to try to sell them on something I’m sure they’re not interested in.

How to Generate Leads for Your Business

If you want to generate leads for your MLM business, or even any type of business, it involves 3 things:

  1. Create an Opt-in page, to capture the client’s name and email
  2.  Create a targeted advertisement, that captures the attention of people looking for a solution that my product provides
  3. Knowing “how to market” and place the ads in the first place.

Then, once my leads come to me, I have an automated system that includes a sales team that phones my leads for me, and makes the sales. On complete autopilot!

What does Autopilot actually mean, though?

You may have seen the videos out there. “I make money in my sleep, on complete autopilot.” Or something else like that.

What this means exactly, is marketers like myself place ads to people, they sign up to learn more information, and we set up a series of videos, follow-up emails (know as email marketing), or some other form of automation, and the sales come in without any additional work.

“I have leads phone me, and then I have a sales team close my leads instead of doing phone blitzes and recruiting people.”

So how do I get MLM Leads for a Network Marketing Business?

You can set up a simple funnel and place some ads on networks like Bing PPC, Facebook, Instagram, or even create videos on YouTUBE. Your funnel can include an opt-in page, then a thank you page which you can give them an Ebook that you created (learn more about authoring an Ebook here), and even a video you put together.

Then you will follow up with the lead from there and you can get leads signed up to purchase your products or your program from there – without doing any work!

It’s really that easy.

Get MLM Leads: 5 Steps to Generate High Quality Leads Right Away

  1. Set up an opt-in page with a headline that poses a problem that your product solves
  2. Create a Thank You page with a pre-sell video; you can also include a downloadable guide or ebook.
  3. Hook up your opt-ins to an autoresponder account (try GoAweber it’s a good place to start)
  4. Purchase Traffic from a Solo Ad provider (you can get leads in healthcare or make money/entrepreneurship really easily)
  5. Follow up by email regularly with info about your offer.

If you want to learn more on how to do this, I recommend this FREE online marketing training which will teach you all about marketing automation and getting more leads for your MLM business.

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Sharing this is awesome!

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