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Do You Need a Funnel for ASPIRE or Digital Altitude?

If you recently started you online marketing business and you need a funnel for ASPIRE, here is a quick and easy funnel you can get for your business.

After having discussions with hundreds of new online entrepreneurs, most people need to start at the very beginning. That includes:

  • Learning how people buy stuff online
  • How a profitable online business is set-up
  • Getting links for your offers to promote
  • And how to get traffic

This is exactly what this funnel for ASPIRE is designed to do: take people with little-to-no online business knowledge, and get them started as easily as possible.

Here is how the Digital Altitude funnel works:

The Digital Altitude Funnel Flow

  1. You start by sending cold, targeted traffic (from either solo ads, PPC, Instagram, Facebook for example) to the Opt in page.
  2. Then, the traffic enters the funnel, and goes to training lesson 1, where they learn about how online business works and how people buy stuff online.
  3. They proceed to Lesson 2, where they learn about how you need affiliate links, and you send them to ASPIRE.
  4. Finally they continue to Lesson 3, where they learn how to drive traffic directly to the affiliate links.

Why the ASPIRE funnel works

This funnel built specifically for Digital Altitude works because it starts at the basics and explains in simple terms how the user can make money on the internet. Then it goes over only the bare necessities on what is needed to start making money.

You first get links to an offer to promote, then you get targeted traffic to the offer. The traffic is basically people who are looking to make more money using the internet, so the ASPIRE offer works perfectly for those types of people.

Where to get the funnel for ASPIRE

You can go to this site to learn more about how to use this funnel for your marketing efforts.


Sharing this is awesome!

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