Easy Affiliate Marketing – Herbert Makes $1,250 without Selling

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Herbert “Herb” Quiller was looking for an easy affiliate marketing method to make money online, especially because he wanted a program where he:

  1. Didn’t have to sell his friends or family anything and
  2. he could “earn” while he “learns”

Then Herbert discovered the high paying affiliate program that answered both of his needs.

“Oh great! This is good news. This so cool. So cool!” – Herb Quiller

One of Herb’s clients upgraded when working with a business coach. So that means Herbert made money with his online business like this:

  1. He bought a list of buyers (contact me for more details on this)
  2. The buyers were added to his affiliate program back office
  3. The buyers (now Herb’s clients) started working with a business coach
  4. The clients then upgraded to a higher educational training package
  5. And Herb got paid!

Herb has only been an online marketer since March (so only a few months), and he has earned his first high ticket commission. And he was surprised to wake up and hear the good news.

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Sharing this is awesome!

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