What I learned at the Digital Altitude Marketing Mastery Event in Las Vegas

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digital-altitude-marketing-mastery-eventUpdate on What I learned at the 2016 Digital Altitude Marketing Mastery Event

This past weekend I attended the first ever Digital Altitude Marketing Mastery Event, held at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

There were over 1,100 people there, including Digital Altitude Staff, Coaches, and numerous affiliates and new members.

Topics of the MME Event by Digital Altitude

The event covered everything from mindset, to step-by-step instructions on how to grow an online business, using every imaginable media.

One key theme that I took away from this event, is that there is not just 1 way to promote your business. There is no “best traffic source.” The key is to pick something that you are comfortable doing and implement like a mad-man until it’s successful.

In my case, and this is huge flaw that I’m working on personally, is that I often try to do too much. I am trying to be a “jack-of-all-trades” and a “master of none.”

So I will be taking steps learned from this marketing event to implement right away in order to increase affiliate sales conversions using ebooks.

digital-altitude-marketing-event-reviewThe Secret Sauce

However, what I noticed from each of the speakers, is that they all do something, some 1 thing, very well. And they just rinse, repeat, hundreds of times to get results.

To put it into perspective, each marketer that spoke on stage, all created their business using a simple $1 trial.

Whether it was Darren & Rhonda who typically make about $25,000 – $50,000 per week or Jason Stone, who has quickly earned over $100,000 using his Instagram account, they are all promoting the same low ticket front end offer.

Here was the Line-up from the 2016 Digital Altitude Marketing Mastery Event in Las Vegas:

  • Ankur Agarwal – Email Marketing
  • Chiara Francica – Growing Your Online Business Using Free Facebook Traffic
  • Alex Zubarev – Using Solo Ads to grow your online marketing business
  • Travis Cody – Create “Hollywood Style” Videos for under $500
  • Darren & Rhonda – Systems and processes of a multi-million dollar online business
  • Joshua Elder – YouTUBE Videos and Video Marketing
  • Jason Stone (@millionaire_mentor) – Instagram marketing
  • Mike Antoni – the importance of copywriting for marketing
  • Jashin Howell – The ABC’s of Success
  • Jeremy Miner – 7 Figure Sales Secrets

Also at the event, the “Big Reveal” was the next upcoming LIVE ASCEND event which will be in Hawaii! This will be a 3-day Marketing Mastermind Event that will discuss traffic and conversions with some of the industry’s top earners. (to be eligible for the event you must start the ASPIRE training here.)

Sharing this is awesome!

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