78 Year Old Dale Bundy Earns $10,398 Overnight!

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What does it take to succeed in business? You must be an Action taker.

78 yrs young, Dale earned over $10k using the internet. Can you?

78 yrs young, Dale earned over $10k using the internet. Can you?

When opportunities present, you must be able to take action and put things into play. That’s how the money is made in business.

If you’re struggling as an entrepreneur, listen to Dale’s story here – very inspiring. Dale is a 78 year old (or 78 years young!) guy I know who just recently made $10,398 overnight!

And he didn’t have to sell anything to anyone! (that means, he does not have to recruit his friends, family, sell supplements, weight loss drinks, or anything like that).

How did Dale earn $10,390 overnight?

  • He uses advertisements to send traffic to a free live workshop event
  • The event team tells Dale’s leads about how to earn money with the internet
  • When the clients buy, Dale gets paid

Dale is part of this online affiliate marketing program. (my partner link is here, and if you choose to get started, email me for your $497 gift)

He just learned how to get traffic to a webpage and his online funnel, and lets a phone team close sales for him.

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Sharing this is awesome!

2 Responses to “78 Year Old Dale Bundy Earns $10,398 Overnight!”

  1. <path_to_url> Dale Bundy

    Thanks Nate I’ll tell you that was a great feeling waking up that morning and checking my back office (always in morning and before I go to bed!) and seeing that very nice amount. She actually went Diamond the next day and was an even nicer 2 day total of $20K.

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      That’s right Dale! Had we done the conversation about 2 days later, the actual total would have been closer to $21,000 in commissions! From 1 person! Excellent job my friend! Keep crushing it!


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