Clixli Review: What is Clixli Traffic?

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This is going to be a quick Clixli review of the website traffic vendor service.

If you are brand new to online business, getting quality traffic is always top of mind. So what can you expect when getting clicks from Clixli?

Could Clixli Traffic Be the Death of Solo Ad Vendors?

Clixli is the newest volume traffic clicks provider made available for online marketing experts.

It works by pairing vendors with end users who are looking for high quality website traffic. Clixli is brought to you by the founder of Digital Altitude, Michael Force and his network of tech and website traffic experts.

Many people think that Clixli will create a better buying environment for traffic buyers as the sellers are put on a rating system. So could this be the end of shady solo ad vendors?

The Clixli Traffic Rating System

Just like Uber and Ebay have done in their respective marketplaces, Clixli users benefit from a seller’s rating system.

So the traffic sellers are making sure they give the buyers the best traffic at a competitive price, in order to keep their star rating as high as possible!

Next,┬álet’s take a look at the Clixli review system and how it helps the buyers.

When Banks Compete, You Win

Remember when Lending Tree came up with this catch phrase? Well, the Clixli review system works a little bit like this.

All the vendors put a description of their clicks traffic on the Get Clixli site, and the traffic purchasers (aka the marketers) can search the site like a shopper looking for the best deals.

After that, you just narrow down the search results based on click location, type of traffic, and then you can finish the purchase right within the site.

Clixli also uses an internal messaging system, so feel free to reach out to the individual vendor should you have questions!

Want to check out the Clixli review system in action? Learn more at

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