How to get Cheap Solo Ad Traffic by Negotiating with Vendors

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This past week I was looking to get some cheap solo ad traffic, and I was starting to test some new video sales letters and funnels for an offer I am promoting, and I wanted to get some traffic up and running rather quickly.

Since I routinely use a particular vendor at Udimi, I knew I wanted to use him for clicks, but I didn’t have any discount coupons available for this ad spend.

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So I thought, ” Why don’t I ask him if he has any discount codes he can give me?”

I knew that in the past, he had given me some discounts for certain click packages, and since I had gotten good opt-in rates for my landing pages I was promoting, I figured I’d check to see if he could offer me a discount again.

The 30 Second Negotiation

Here’s how the conversation went:

So I thought…

“I should really be doing this more.”

Asking for discounts. Negotiating with traffic vendors to get cheap solo ad traffic and clicks. I have no problem being a repeat customer. After all, people buy from others that they know, like, and trust, right??

And I know this vendor in particular appreciates my repeat business, and he would prefer me to keep spending money with him, so he is most likely going to make sure he’s holding up his end of the bargain too.

So by simply “asking” for a discount, he was able to offer it to me. And rather quickly.

So when you are starting to consistently getting traffic to your offers, be sure to use these quick tips to get some cheap solo ad traffic to your offers.

Good luck!

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Sharing this is awesome!

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    Yes, Nate. This helped a lot. Would you send me a list of honest vendors you are using? Thank you very much.


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