7 Figure Freedom Formula Review – Is it Worth it?

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This is going to be a thorough review of 7 Figure Freedom Formula, because I want to debunk so many horrible reviews out there.

I’ll be covering the pros and the cons, as well as giving reasons why people succeed AND why people fail with this business.

The Program

7 Figure Freedom Formula (which I may call 7FFF moving forward) is a completely new offer brought to you by MOBE or (My Own Business Education).

The company has headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has over 150 employees working in various countries around the world, including USA, UK, Philippines, Australia, and India (to name a few).

The MOBE CEO is Matt Lloyd, who has to-date, paid out over $75 million to affiliates (marketing partners who promote their products) around the world.

Is this verifiable?

Yes, absolutely. I think that it is fair, that right up front I give you this disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I was a former employee of MOBE and worked inside the inner workings of the business, and have personally worked alongside many of the affiliate business partners who have profited from this system.

So, having a thorough review written by a former employee is the best chance you have of getting the raw, unfiltered facts.

The online business industry has not seen this offer yet, so by the time this blog post hits the press, it is literally launching.

The price point of 7FFF is $49, which is actually an ‘application fee.’ However, you can sign up for a $1 trial of the training for 7 days. At which point you will start working with a veteran of the industry while you “test drive” the training.

If you want to continue the training with the coaches, and then start promoting with the affiliate partner program, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional programs—and you’ll make the commissions (from $1,250 – $10,000). Meaning, you can, but you do not have to.

People get hung up on this.

Fact: If you want to make higher money, you need to invest at a higher level. Simple business math here.

Myth: You NEED to be fully positioned to make any money. I’ve seen people with minimal training and programming make more than $10k in the first few months.

Fact: This training will take work. If you think this is a lottery ticket, try something else, because you will fail.

Myth: This is a scam – Scams are illegal, and if this were the case, it would have been shut down years ago. So, this is a business. And if you cannot see that, then this is not for you, because more than likely, you need something more secure to pay your bills.

What is 7 Figure Freedom Formula About?

The story in the video is about the marketing couple of Bill & Michelle Pescosolido, who have made over $1 million in multiple online business models, including MOBE and MLSP.

Does their Story Check out?

In the video, the story they tell is about how Bill & Michelle took their daughter on a trip to Turks & Caicos for her 18th birthday. Normally, sales videos are full of “fluff” and tell blatant lies, scams, and so forth.

However, the story does check out, as I have been able to interview Bill & Michelle Pescosolido on a few occasions. Plus, if you scroll back in their Facebook history, you will see that they did take their daughter on her birthday trip to Turks & Caicos.

Video Content: VERIFIED

What About Their Earnings?

As a former employee behind the scenes with the marketing team at MOBE, I was able to validate that the earnings that Bill & Michelle have made are completely, 100% verifiable. They recently crossed the $1 million in earnings earlier in 2016.

Here is video call I did after one of the big earnings days with their 7 Figure system: (note, completely verified as I was the one who did the phone call)

So what is the consensus on the legitimacy of the earnings?

Earnings: VERIFIED

My Recommended Online Business Training

How it works

When starting out as a student in 7FFF, you will enter into a business “bootcamp.”

You start out watching a 21-step training system where you get paired up with a coach, who has already earned a minimum of 6 figures ($100,000) online in their businesses.

Offline vs. Online Business

Most people know that if they want to start their own offline business, let’s say a restaurant, shop, store, firm, etc., there are a few essential steps and foundational things that need to be set-up.

This is the same in an online business.

Some of the topics that are covered in the initial 7FFF training with your coach include:

  • Front end offers
  • Ascension Model
  • Low ticket to high ticket back end
  • Economics of your business
  • The 80/20 Rule (Pareto’s principle)
  • Leverage
  • Systems and automation

Most people are confused as to why you need to go through these steps with a coach, and the answer is quite simple, as expert entrepreneur Brian Tracy put’s it:

“Success leaves tracks.”

If you want to be successful at anything in life, follow the exact process that someone else who has accomplished what you are seeking.

The only goal of the coach is to get your business set up so that you are profitable from the start.

That’s it. Period. End of story.

Your coach will spend anywhere from 1-3 weeks with you depending on how many different programs you start during the course of your online education training.

Your Marketing Career as a Journey, Not a Destination

Think of this initial training in 7FFF as some of the foundational knowledge that you can use to build your future business ventures the right way, so that you are profitable.

How to Fail at 7 Figure Freedom Formula

Here is a quick hit list of reasons why people fail at this (and any other online business)

  1. Lazy – cannot even get through the training
  2. Not Motivated – most people that are comfortable in their job and make “okay” money, never take risks and start their own entrepreneurial endeavors becasue they do not want it bad enough.
  3. No Business Capital – like in any upstart business, it takes capital to get started. Do you think those of us that make $100k plus per year are doing it with FREE traffic? With the exception of a few bloggers, who have put in years of hard work, almost nobody makes that type of money with little upfront investment.
  4. Not Focused, Lack of Mindset – most people would rather take advice from their peers who have failed at most things they’ve tried, as opposed to take advice from those who have succeeded before them.
  5. Actionable Steps – the only goal in an online business is to get targeted traffic to your offers. Period. Those who waste time on other non-cash-producing activities get stuck and never get the cash-flow coming in.
  6. Reading Bad Reviews – If you cannot succeed at something – it does NOT mean it’s a scam. If other people have done it, so can you.

SHOCKING FACT: When you read someone’s bad review on ANY program out there, they’re most likely scamming you. And here’s why. They’re putting a bad review up so you like them and buy THEIR product that is being promoted!

Talk about a SCAM!

If you ever read a review, and the blogger, expert, or “guru” is suggesting another program, the review is BOGUS. It’s just meant to sell you on something.

TIP: When reading reviews, look for what “other” product is being sold. Otherwise a good review will give pro’s and con’s of each program, regardless of your decision. (like this one).

Next, let’s take a look at the different pages you might come across when taking a look at MOBE‘s latest training program.

Start my Recommended Training that Works

Opt-in pages for 7 Figure Freedom Formula

If you were just browsing around the internet and saw an ad, or perhaps you were clicking on Facebook, you may have encountered this first type of page.

The opt-in page.

This is where Matt Lloyd and the team at MOBE want you to put in your email address, and start the registration process.

In the case of 7FFF, there are 2 different type of opt-in pages you may encounter: a survey or traditional email capture form.

Here is an example of the survey style opt-in form:


After you enter your choice on the first screen, and suggest how much money you want to make the next year, you will click the “next” button and go to a form where you will enter your email address.

After entering your email address, you will then head off to the Sales Pages.

Start an Online Business that Actually Worked for Me

Sales Pages for 7FFF

Here is what the various pages look like for 7 Figure Freedom Formula.

The main page you may have come across is what is known as a “hybrid sales page,” which includes a video and written sales letter.

Here is an example of the 7FFF hybrid page:



A second page you may have come across is what is known as a simple video page. This page is different from the above hybrid style page because it contains just a video and an order button.

Here is what the video page looks like:



The last type of sales letter page you may have come across for 7FFF is what is called a traditional written sales letter. These were popular in the old days of marketing, back before video was popular.

But nowadays, most people just scroll to the bottom to see what the price is ($1 in this case).

But who has time to read all that, right?

Here is what the written page looks like:



Do You Get Bonuses When you Try 7 Figure Freedom Formula?

Yes. When you get 7FFF from this page, you will walk away with over $997 worth of Bonuses.

If you get 7 Figure Freedom Formula by MOBE for $1.00, make sure you receive the $997 worth of bonuses to go with it.

And you can only get those bonuses on this page.

Pros and Cons of 7FFF

Thorough Training  Does not work for people who need money fast
Ability to scale up at your own pace  Designed for Business Minded people only
Personal Mentors and Coaches  Higher upstart capital to profit
Traffic and Funnel Coaches
Hundreds of products to promote

The moral of the story on the pros and cons is that if you’re looking for a low-cost business to make a “few extra” bucks, this is not it. However, if you are business minded, have lofty goals, understand that it “takes money to make money,” you will be fine.

“If you only want to make a ‘few extra bucks’, 7 Figure Freedom Formula is not for you. If you want to make high dollar commissions and start a real business, then you’ll have no problems.”

I’ve personally did congratulation calls to people that are 70 years old who’ve made over $50,000 with this system. (Disclaimer: your results are based upon your work, motivation, and obviously this is not guaranteed. Everyone’s results vary depending on various factors. I hope you understand that at this point).

I tried to cover the most common pros and cons, and after being in this industry for 5 years now, and seeing who is failing and who is succeeding, the answers are pretty straight forward.

This is business. You get what you put into it. Both financially and with mindset, motivation, and effort.

The Final Verdict on 7FFF

Overall Rating  9.0 of 10
Type of Business Internet Marketing System
Skill Level Needed Beginner to Advanced
Income Potential $10,000+
Website 7FigureFreedomFormula.com
Recommended? Yes

The final verdict in my 7 Figure Freedom Formula review is that if you are looking to start a legitimate online business, as opposed to starting an off-line franchise, then this is a great place to start.

After all, it’s a measly $1 to start. If you have to think about that, then maybe you should stick to your 9-5 job. (I mean, seriously)

“If you can’t take Risks, then get the hell out of business.” – Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s Franchise Model

For offline businesses, that required hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, you can scale up your business with a high-ticket online business model. If you treat this like a real business, it will pay you like a real business.

Best of luck.

Be sure to leave your comments below!

Sharing this is awesome!

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