MAGA hat, NOPE! The All-New MBAGA Hat!

maga hat nope mbaga hat

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This past few weeks on some of the Skype threads I’m a part of, a good marketer and coach that I work with start joking around with the success a lot of people have been having lately with their online businesses.

His name is Armando, and being from Mexico, he has often joked about how “The Wall” is going to prevent him from coming to the US someday.

However, Armando, is a 24 year old who makes over 6-figures in his online business, and he definitely has a great outlook on life, knowing that your financial future is dependent upon hard work, plugging into a good system, and building rapport with your clients.

With his “making the best of a heated political debate” stewing online, he coined the term…”


after the infamous “Make America Great Again” (aka MAGA) slogan that President Trump had built his campaign around.

So I thought, “Why not make this into my version of the MAGA hat?”

So I did!

The Birth of the “MBAGA Hat”

As online business owners, we certainly do control our own destinies regarding being able to live the life on our own terms, as well as working hard to “make our bank accounts great again.”

So in honor of the catch slogan Armando created, I’ve decided to get some custom hats created that we’re going to debut at the Orlando Marketing Mastery Event to take place at Disney World in April.

In other news…

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That’s it for today – make it a great week! Hope you like the MBAGA hats!

Sharing this is awesome!


Nate Rio is an expert affiliate marketer, marketing and lead generation coach, online marketing consultant, and kick-ass skiier.

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