Do You Have the Guts to Fire Your Boss?

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Do you have the guts to fire your boss?

Your Fired!

Do you have the guts to say this to your boss?

Today, I want to talk about a very monumental point in your life… the day you get to walk into work and Fire your boss!

Many people dream of this day, and I’ve gotten to experience this myself. (well, it wasn’t that way exactly for me, it’s a little more depressing). But more on that in a moment…

If you are starting to think that “someday” you want to start your very own business, or maybe you’ve tried other things in the past, and failed, well then this email is just for you.

What to do first if you want to Fire Your Boss

The first thing you should do (and I think EVERYone should do this at some point, whether you have a business or you’re self-employed AND still working for a boss), is to sit down and figure out what it takes to leave work.

What type of income do you need each month to be able to quit your job?

Here is a video to help you figure all of that out:

My Story

When I left my last full-time job, it wasn’t as glorious as I imagined it would be. I imagined that I would stroll into work on a Friday, ask to speak to my VP, and say…

“After further consideration, and the trajectory of my life, I’ve decided that I quit and I no longer want to work for you anymore. I’ve started my own business and I now enjoy being in charge of my own life and destiny… SO I QUIT!”

BUT, it didn’t really go down that way. Here’s what happened instead:

I got called into the office with my VP and President and they just came out and said,

“Nate, we’re going to let you go.” We have to start cutting back and right now you’re costing us more money.”

OUCH. That hurt. A LOT.

So from that point on, I knew that if I was going to have the life and future I wanted, I needed to control my own destiny.”

For many of you that have full-time jobs, maybe you haven’t felt that pain yet of “being down-sized.” And let me tell you… it’s NOT fun.
Most people are taught to:

  • Go to school, get good grades (which I did)
  • Go to a good college (did that too – went to University of Wisconsin (go Badgers!)
  • Get a good job, work hard and save your money

And life would be great.

Then I started seeing that the really happy people worked for themselves, had the freedom to travel, be with their families and kids, and not have to struggle each month to make ends meet.

But it turns out that what I’d been taught to do, was completely wrong. Not only did my hard work to get through college NOT pay off. But on top of thousands of dollars in school loans and debt that piled up, I told myself…

“This is NOT how life is supposed to be!”

So I started looking elsewhere. Only it turns out I learned nothing about making money on my own – starting a business, or anything like that.

So I was stuck.

Then I found this, and my life began to change. FAST.

Fast forward to today… I now:

  • Work from my home office Monday-Friday
  • While other people beg their bosses to take vacations, I leave when I want
  • I work with people around the world, from Australia, to Philippines, India, and Europe
  • And I’m happy.

Is that what you’re looking for?

If so, check this out.

So, if you are afraid that one day soon, you may be let go, downsized, outsourced, or maybe you’re just looking for something to do to give your family more freedom, time to travel, or even to make some extra money on the side, this will be totally worth the training. (and it’s no cost to get started)

Hope this helps you a lot. Then maybe someday soon you can go into work and fire your boss.

Talk soon,

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Nate Rio is an expert affiliate marketer, marketing and lead generation coach, online marketing consultant, and kick-ass skiier.

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