Bowling Tournament and How it Relates to Online Business

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I got a chance to do something I hadn’t done in a long time – enter into a bowling tournament. And here’s what I learned about bowling and how it relates to business…

So this tournament had a mix of people from mid 30s to 70s, both men and women in it.

All of whom bowl regularly, so I was basically the only person out there who hadn’t bowled over 100 games this year.

In fact, I had NOT bowled 3 games since about 2 years ago!

What I watched unfold all night, that was each of these persons had a true passion and affinity for the game.

Though the styles and bowling varieties, along with experience levels were all over the board, 1 thing was common among all the bowlers.

They were passionate about something that they valued, and they spent hours perfecting their craft.

This is the same in your business. Yes there are similarities in an online business to a bowling tournament. You see, what most people think when they get started, is that they can just sign up for a new business and start making money right away.

Sure, it does happen that way some times, but for most people, they have to spend time perfecting their skill set to master their business and the ability for it to become profitable.

Tools of the trade

Now, if you’re a casual bowler, many people just show up at the lanes, rent the shoes, and pick a ball off the rack.

What these experts did that we can learn from in business.

Whereas most “casual bowlers” might show up with no equipment, each of these bowlers in this tournament had at least 2 bowling balls, in fact many had 3 or 4 bowling balls. EACH.

They have balls for each lane surface and condition, with different spin rotation access points, different materials that spin differently depending on humidity, oil patterns on the lane, and even a non-weighted ball for different pin variations.

They also had their own shoes, many are custom fit and cost as much as $150-200 per pair.

And outside of the shoes and ball, each had everything from a tool to change the friction on their shoes, rosin bags, and towels.

It was amazing.

However, I sat and thought – this is the same as many marketers have – an arsenal of tools and skills to master their businesses.

A Lesson on Pursuing Your Passion

What I have learned the past 6 months while coaching brand new online entrepreneurs is that most are not committed yet.

They “say that they want to change their lives and make a difference in their financial future” however, unfortunately most have not made the commitment for excellence.

If I wanted to be as good of a bowler as all these other people, I would have practice and commit myself to become a better bowler.

That means signing up for leagues, practicing, and committing myself to the craft. It also involves spending money on equipment to give myself an edge that the “casual bowler” would not otherwise have.

So the big question in your business is…


Are you committed to really learning your skills that will allow you to make more money? Or are you “casually showing up and renting shoes and using the house lane bowling ball?”

I see many of you doing this. You are not being committed to changing your life in business… not doing the day-to-day activities it takes to actually change your life.

Your Solution to Change Your Life

The first thing you need to do is commit.

Many of you have NOT even started training in your business. (If you are wanting the help to take the first steps in a business, apply to work with me directly here.)

If you already have a business – maybe you need help with:

  • Traffic
  • Putting marketing campaigns together
  • Having a short-to-long term business plan and operations budget

If you fall into this category, check out my supplemental jump start training programs here”.

AND, if you’re not ready for business, that’s fine too. When you get to the point where you are ready to learn a skill to make your own income, then you can get started when you’re ready to get to work.

Remember, not everyone wants to enter a bowling tournament… and similarly you may not want to start an online business.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Talk soon, make it a great day.
– Nate

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Nate Rio is an expert affiliate marketer, marketing and lead generation coach, online marketing consultant, and kick-ass skiier.

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  1. <path_to_url> Misheck Moyo

    Very interesting subject indeed, commitment and having the right mindset is key to success. You can have ideas but if you don’t put them into action, there are of no use to you. The bowling analogy says it all.

    Thanks Nate for such amazing inspiration

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      THx for stopping by Misheck. Be sure to check out the other free online marketing resources here on this site. See ya soon. ~N


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