Traffic for Digital Altitude, MOBE, Tecademics, and more!

Need Traffic for Digital Altitude? MOBE? Tecademics? (Read this first…)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions, comments, and concerns lately all wrapped up around traffic… Everyone wants to know where to get traffic for Digital Altitude, MOBE, or Tecademics (and 4% group…)

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And if you’re working on these business models:

  • MOBE
  • Digital Altitude
  • Tecademics
  • 4% Group
  • etc…

Where should I get traffic?

First, let me tell you, as I’ve lost thousands of dollars in traffic already… so these are the Golden Rules to follow. I’m going to discuss traffic methods in the solo ads method, so you won’t have to learn how to do SEO, Google or Bing searches, blogging, or any of that.

If you’re going to invest in Solo Ad Traffic… keep these GOLDEN RULES in mind:

1st Golden Rule:

Do NOT drive traffic right to your affiliate link – try to use a funnel of your own. That way, you get to keep your leads for life! (or until they unsubscribe).

2nd Golden Rule:

All Solo Ad Traffic is NOT created equally. You do get what you pay for in clicks. Remember to go for Tier-1 traffic (English speaking countries) and that which has been “pre-sold” to get Work from Home offers.

3rd Golden Rule:

You NEED Economics in your favor.

If you’re NOT positioned to make High Ticket back-end profits, often solo ad traffic is going to lose you money on the front -end.

**It also helps, if these leads have pre-screened and are a buyers list!

The goal is to break even as fast as possible, and build your list, create a relationship, then let the back-end of your funnel keep you in the black (profitable ROI) in the long-term.

Here’s traffic DESIGNED for MOBE, Digital Altitude, and Tecademics

So if your funnel is ready to go, and you’re sitting around waiting, take an action step today to get some traffic over to your offers and use the above golden rules to ensure you’re having success.

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Hope this helps!

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