How to Write a Solo Ad that Converts Using Words that Sell

how to write a solo ad that converts

How to Write a Solo Ad that Works?

The other day I was over at one of my solo ad provider websites, and I had to write my own ad copy and thought, “How the heck do I write a solo ad that converts?

Some solo ad providers put the email copy together for you, but others need you to write a solo ad for your ad purchase.

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So I thought, if I’m having this trouble, many other people must be having this too. Sometimes we learn something in the past (for me it was about 2 years ago), but I was not using solo ads at the time.

So I did some digging and here’s what I found:

The Easy way to Write Solo Ad Emails that Convert (using powerful words that sell)

Special thanks to Shaqir Hussyin and Ankur Agarwal for teaching me their amazing Solo Ad writing strategies.

Press Play and Turn up Your Speakers

There’s 2 things you MUST do if you want a kickstart to your traffic and conversions (and you do).

  1. Download the Words that Sell in Writing a Solo Ad Template so you never struggle to write profit-sucking emails again!
  2. Then, go here to claim your FREE “Hit the Ground Running” Consultation to Launch Your Next Solo Ad ($197 Value).

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