If I Only had a funnel (Marketing would be easier)

If you had a funnel, would your marketing be easier?

Remember in the Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow and Tin Man sang songs about “If they only had a (heart/brain)?” Well, I often hear marketers say everyday, “If I only had a funnel, my marketing would be much easier!”

Well, that is a common tune, heard on many radio dials nowadays in the marketing world. And fortunately, setting a good funnel up is not that difficult. You just need a few tools.

What do you need to set up a funnel?

The easiest tool to use for setting up a funnel is obviously going to be Click Funnels. You get a 14 day trial and it’s as easy as:

  1. Choose your funnel type
  2. Add your Autoresponder
  3. Add your Affiliate links
  4. and publish

And the benefit is, you do not even need to have hosting, a website, or even a domain name. It’s pretty easy.

The problem with being a beginner online marketer

For many people, the process starts as follows: 1. Get your affiliate links and 2. Drive traffic straight to the affiliate links. Now, as long as you have economics in your favor, meaning if you split test long and hard enough, and you have a high ticket backend, you can make this work.

But if you’re starting out on a budget, the trouble is you have to make your numbers work within your budget. Which means, sending clicks to an affiliate link does not leave much room for you to control or change the content. You cannot split test the copy of the page, colors, or anything else. So your options are very limited.

Funnel is the Buzz Word

Yes, it is true. Everyone is going bonkers nowadays over funnel-this and funnel-that. But remember, your funnels are just meant to nudge people along the buying process. Your business can have many funnels. And when you combine it with good email marketing follow up, it is the overall part of a solid marketing strategy.

Turn up your speakers and press play

Want to use this funnel for MOBE or DA? Learn more here…

For instance, I currently work with many beginner top tier marketing affiliates, and many have yet to get their first breakthrough. We spend a lot of time on the business basics of metrics, economics, and driving traffic to offers.

Once you have a funnel in place, the next and only thing to do is to drive traffic to it. But you have to remember to send enough traffic to get a feel of how it is working for the targeted audience.

The tricky part of marketing in general

The most frustrating part about marketing, is knowing that our success is based on such a small percentage of conversions. So you have to have a good back-end to support your upfront marketing efforts.

For instance, most people agree that if you plug in $1 to a vending machine, and $1.20 comes out, that’s a great ROI (return on investment). Most investors would do anything for that type of return. So using that same logic, if you put $1000 into ads, you would get back $1,200. However, most can not scale up to that quickly.

However, you still have to keep driving traffic to your funnel and following up regularly for those numbers to work. Simply putting $1,000 into a solo ad for example, and then resting or your laurels (i.e. not doing anything else) is typically not going to get you many results. Unless of course you get a little lucky.

Create many different funnels, each solving a different problem that will allow your clients and audience to become familiar with you (or the company) will take time and consistency.

The Ever Important Nurturing Funnel

The “perfect” funnel does not exist, however the key should be something that gets the prospect comfortable with the process, but leave out some of the information. For example, get the client started moving forward in the process, and your offer should fill the gap of what they need to complete the task.

See the example here of how that works in Step 2 of this training…

And if you like how this funnel works, you can even use it yourself for your own MOBE or Digital Altitude promotions (works great for cold traffic in the work from home niche). More info here.

Hope these tips help! If you like what you read, leave a comment in the boxes below!

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