Solo Ad Conversions and Psychology of Your Sales

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I wanted to talk today about the psychology of your buyers. And more importantly – why do people buy from you (or why they do NOT buy).

I had a conversation on Skype today with one of my coaching clients, and she just started one of her very first solo ads.

She’s received about 77 clicks, was able to track them in her affiliate dashboard, but asked,

“Why don’t I have any sales yet?”

What are Clicks?

Remember, when you purchase a solo ad from someone, you are literally borrowing that provider’s list. So they are emailing their list, and your offer is the link inside of the offer.

When we get caught up in the marketing aspect of the day-to-day and start actually driving traffic to our offers, a lot of the time we fail to forget that each “click” is actually a “person.”

Psychology of Your Customers

So, when you’re driving customers to the offer, remember, that your potential prospects were originally on that list to begin with because they showed some interest in making money online – most of the time.

And also, when the solo ad actually is being placed, each of these people are receiving an email from your provider, that goes right into their inbox. From there, the person then opens the email and a percentage of them will click the link, and go to your ad or opt-in page.Nate Student Singapore 1

Just like you and I, most people will not even take the time to opt-in to your list.

And even if they do, most likely they will not BUY.

Small Numbers = Big Numbers

Remember when you went through your initial training program with your coach, and you covered the portion of training known as ECONOMICS?

In online marketing and online business in general, we’re dealing with a small percentage of success to yield big results.

And if your business is NOT set up to profit from the beginning, this makes your work that much harder.

For instance, knowing (in my case) that I can generate a sale of over $10,000 from 1 customer, I can take a bigger risk or gamble on the front-end to acquire customers.

That’s ECONOMICS. My customers can pay me a much higher revenue, so even though my conversions are going to be 1-2%, when the customers start buying from my suite of products, I can and will be profitable on the back end.

That is why your License rights are so important.

You have to be set-up for profits right at the beginning, then you must master traffic and conversions.

Remember This…

Most of your customers (about 95% +) might not buy from you the first time.

When I got started with my top tier business (high ticket affiliate program), I was on an email list of a marketer for 6 months before I ever purchased my first product – and it was only $49.

And I buy everything! I love to learn and consume more info, which is how I got to where I am today.

So needless to say, when you buy your solo ad (which is a great beginner way to get clicks to your opt-ins might I add), you have to remember what your prospect is thinking.

Once you master this, it’s about testing: trial and error.

Those small victories will give you big profits, as long as the Economics are in your favor!

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