7 Figure Freedom Formula – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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Is 7 Figure Freedom Formula a Scam or Legit? That is what this blog post is all about.

If you are considering getting the 7FFF and want to know if it is a good program to get started when creating your online business, make sure to read this full review.

Here a video with a brief synopsis of the program so you can see what the pages look like:

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7FFF Program Specs

Here is what the online business training program contains:

  1. Guided help through a 21 step business set up program
  2. Ability to supplement your training with other programming, both online and at LIVE masterminds with other veteran entrepreneurs (optional)
  3. Traffic coaching (optional, but suggested)
  4. Affiliate tracking when you set up your account
  5. Direct deposit for commission payments
  6. Promotional contests and bonuses
  7. LIVE and recorded webinars
  8. Facebook and Live Phone support on their toll free number (from USA and Canada, otherwise long distance fees may apply to phone)
  9. Daily live training calls
  10. and more.

Get the FREE Bonus Pack when you get started for $1

7-figure-freedom-formula-scamOnce you get started with 7 Figure Freedom for $1, you get paired up with a coach to start your preliminary training. You will make sure you understand the economics of your business so that when you actually get started with your business, you are making money from square one.

After about 10 days or so, you can activate your account and start promoting the products.

In this business, you are learning how to set up to be an affiliate marketer, which means you learn how to drive traffic to an offer.

This is the easiest place to start out for most people who have little tech skills, no marketing skills, and cannot or do not know how to create and sell their own products online.

Some of the products you can promote, along with help from your training resources are:

  • Webinars
  • Social Media training programs
  • Ebook creation programs
  • Live events, including precious metals investing, traffic and conversions training, and local Internet Marketing Freedom events
  • Their upper suite of training programs, including Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond (commissions vary depending on your training level)
  • Paperback book, authored by the CEO
  • and hundreds of other products.

Get the FREE Bonus Pack when you get started for $1

What 7FFF is:

  • Start a real online business, complete from set-up, to training, and traffic
  • Training with Coaches and mentors who have had success online
  • Traffic and funnels with your traffic coach
  • Learning about where to spend your time and the 80/20 rule (Pareto’s principle) when building your business
  • Learning why most online businesses fail, and what not to do so you won’t become another statistic who fails
  • How to generate leads online, using social media sites like YouTUBE, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked-in and Twitter.

What 7FFF is NOT:

  • This program is not binary trading
  • It is not Amazon marketing
  • This does not involve recruiting your friends or family
  • It doesn’t involve selling lotions, potions, or weight loss products
  • You do not have to hold meetings and get your leads to a sponsor
  • 7 Figure Freedom Formula is not a scam.

So are you getting involved in a 7 Figure Freedom Formula scam?

7-figure-freedom-formula-priceVerdict: No.

The truth is, for most people who are completely broke, this might not be a good fit. However, if you are looking to create a long-term legacy, just like you would with any other real business, it will take hard work, and the proper help (which is included in the training).

And like I tell my online business coaching students all the time, when they’re looking for new business opportunities…

“If you have to think about $1 to take a test drive for your business…then you probably shouldn’t be in business.” – Nate Rio

Plus, I forgot to mention that the program has a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you feel like you didn’t get value in over 3 hours of coaching over the course of 10 days with your first 2 coaches, you can get your money back. This is unheard of with most programs nowadays. Especially because you actually talk to a live person.

Tips for success

  • Come into this business knowing it may take some work
  • Have a stream of income while you scale your business from beginner, to full-time online income earner
  • Listen to your coaches. They have all made money using 7 Figure Freedom Formula’s training steps. If you do things your own way, you’ll end up with the same results you’ve always had.
  • Give yourself about 30-45 minutes per day when you get started, then you may want to have an additional 1 hour after you actually get your business up and running.
  • Get your Bonuses! Even though it’s only $1 to start, make sure you leave and get your additional training bonuses


Anything Else you should know?

Yes. Stay committed. You only fail if you quit. And make sure you stay connected with any contacts you meet along the way.

After all, in business, it’s not always what you know. It’s who you know!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Leave your comments and questions below, I’ll usually answer them in about 1-2 days!


Sharing this is awesome!


Nate Rio is an expert affiliate marketer, marketing and lead generation coach, online marketing consultant, and kick-ass skiier.

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