5 Things: Move Forward in Your Online Business

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Online Business

As the days go by, and you sit at your computer with a blank stare, you might be wondering what can you do today to improve your online business?

Here is a quick-hit list of things you can do, with the beginner online marketer in mind:

  1.  Send out an email broadcast – tell about your life and what you’re doing to be Awesome
  2. Head over to Adcenter and set up a BING PPC (pay per click) campaign. Research keywords at Google Keyword Planner.
  3. Go buy a 100 click solo ad and send some leads to your opt-in page
  4. Funnel Hack someone’s funnel, recreate it in either Optimize Press (on your WordPress on your domain) or use Clickfunnels
  5. Set up your own Facebook Group/community, create a cover at Canva and invite all of your marketing friends. You can grow this over time and provide valuable content (which YOU Control!)

Email Broadcast

The easiest thing you can do on a daily basis (or at least a few times per week) is email your list. At times, it may seem monotonous and a waste of time.

But remember, the key in emails to your list is repetition and trust building.

Remember how you read emails. I bet you do not open every single email from every single company you are signed up with. But there are a few that you open, and probably lead eventually to some of your purchases.

So you should focus on providing good, regular content to your list.

You can use automation programs like Get Response, Aweber, or Infusionsoft to set up autoresponders and broadcast emails.

Make it Personal

Also, make sure you are revealing your true self and tell stories in your emails. Stories sell. You can also add pictures so your viewers can follow along on your life adventures.

Bing Pay Per Click Campaign

Though I’ve done Bing PPC campaigns for quite some time, I think this is one of the most beginner friendly methods to start getting clicks in your online business. Dollar for dollar, this is the cheapest way to get targeted traffic.

Though you don’t get as defined clicks like you would on Facebook PPC ads per se, you can get good keyword targeting, especially if you are good at researching long tail keywords.

You can get a free tool for targeting keywords at Google Keyword Planner.

Cheap Solo Ads

If you are getting started driving traffic to your ads, a good place to start is by purchasing a cheap solo ad. Now I don’t mean a cheap solo ad that is not valuable, but rather choose a smaller amount of clicks. Let’s say 100-250. This can be done without breaking the bank.

A “solo ad” is basically buying clicks from someone who has a large list in the niche which you are targeting. You can put together a simple opt-in form and the solo ad click visitors can then opt-in to your email list. From there, you can then promote your main offer.

Obviously, make sure you are promoting a high ticket offer, where you get paid up to $5,000 per sale (is ideal).


If you are new to solo ads, check out sites like Udimi and you can even Google or Bing search “solo ads.” There are hundreds of solo ad vendors out there. You simply sign up for a package of clicks and they’ll walk you through the rest.

Be a Funnel Hacker

Russell Brunson and the folks over at Clickfunnels made the “Funnel Hacker” moniker popular. This just means that you go through someone’s funnel, from start to finish, see how they set up their pages, and use these ideas in a similar niche!

But as Russell says, “Every marketer must get comfortable getting out their credit card,” because you will want to make purchases at every step so you can see how the funnel is created. Doing competitive research is another smart tip in scaling your online business.

I used this funnel hacker trick when designing the 60 Minute Lead Magnet funnel.

Facebook Community

Starting a Facebook community is a great short and long term strategy to get some sales and build a community of “raving fans.”

Start by thinking of a name that will attract your target demographic, then start by posting content. Remember, just like with your blog and email traffic, YOU CONTROL THIS TRAFFIC. So you can optimize your Facebook group settings so you control the posts, the tagging, and even the members that can join.


Now the goal is NOT to spam people all day with your links, or else they’ll end up just leaving. You should provide value in your group offer solutions to people’s problems and create a community.

I did this in my Digital Entrepreneurs Mastermind group and I’ve grown my existing customer base to over 200 people, that has paid me over $2,000 in residual commissions in the past 2 months!

If you need help setting up funnels, doing basic beginner traffic strategies, or need to learn a new skill, check out this training with me.


Be sure to leave your comments below! I usually respond within 1 day or 2!

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Nate Rio is an expert affiliate marketer, marketing and lead generation coach, online marketing consultant, and kick-ass skiier.

2 Responses to “5 Things: Move Forward in Your Online Business”

  1. <path_to_url> Chad Keiser

    Awesome Nate!
    This is really good stuff! Going to immediately create a broadcast, hack a Funnel, try to use canva and wrap the day up with some training .

    • <path_to_url> Nate

      Good, Chad. From what I’ve seen you accomplish thus far in this industry, you’ll do just fine. Everything that we do is all about (as Ray Higdon puts it) I.L.T. = Invest. Learn. Teach. Every time you learn something, implement it.

      On the emails, never shy away from emailing your list enough. People come and go on your lists, but it’s all about putting your name/brand/self out there so your clientele become comfortable and familiar with you (or the company, etc).

      Take care!


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